Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A very happy outing with Uni mates

Time really fly very fast. My 3 years of degree life is going to end soon. Today is my last lecture class already and I really gonna miss it. (Although some of my lecture class is quite boring XD).

After the class, me and some of my uni friends plan to go Mid Valley to enjoy our last day in UTAR. We just take bus to there and then thinking which restaurant to have our lunch. Finally, I suggest to go to Delicious which all of us never try their food before and we LOVE to try new food.

For me the food is quite expensive, but since today we come out for enjoyment. So we doesn't really look at the price la. The ambience is decorated with white and blue colour and I feel is quite comfortable and relax. Hmm... let me rate on this restaurant. (This is my own opinion ya ^^)

Price: 3 stars (Though is quite expensive for student)
Food: 3.5 stars (Not very delicious but yet not too bad, for me is abit tasteless la)
Ambience: 4 stars
Service: 2 stars (Really hate their services, those waiter don't know is blind one or deaf one. )
Choices of food: 3.5 stars (Not much choices for me to choose)

After all the rating, I will go and visit again but not in a short while. Maybe next year la. Hahaha XD

Then, we just snap some photos there and also the christmas decoration in Mid Valley Centre Court. The decoration this year is not really nice compare to last year. Don't know whether is it they don't have budget or what. Besides that, we also go to look for christmas present for our
love ones and playing some arcade games. Hahaha XD

3 uni besties (Mathuri, Jason and Angeline)

Angeline and Jason

Mathuri and Angeline

Jason and Angeline @ Delicious

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sorry for MIA

Sorry to all my friends that recentlyI totally MIA in my blog. I am so so busy with all my assignmends that why I have been so long time never really log into my blog again. Haha XD

Anyway will update this blog asap with all the activitis that I have done so far in this few months. Wil update some photos to show you guys. Just give me some time to rearrange all my photos first before I upload.

Finally, I am in the last week of my final semester already. Feel so happy but at the same time feel abit sad tim. After I finish my final exam, then I will be graduated for my degree course de. Although it had something unhappy happen but I still miss some of my uni friend. Now just wonder after my final semester what can I do leh? Feel so miserable with my future now. Anyone give me some suggestion?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Graduation Photo Session

So fast, I am going to graduate soon after been study 3 years degree in UTAR. Really can't believe that the time really fly so fast. Feel so happy but then feel abit miserable because really don't know after graduate want to continue study or go into the working life.

Anyway...just share with you guys my the photo that we take on that day. Is quite nice. XD

Angeline & Venice

Mathuri, Jason & Angeline

Angeline & Jason

Angeline & Rein

Gathiri & Angeline

Joanne & Angeline

Mathuri & Angeline

Angeline & Li Ching

Phoebe & Angeline

Angeline & Nana

Kean Tung & Angeline

Joanne & Angeline

Angeline & Ruth

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lunch with dear

Long time never update my blog again. Really busy with all my assignments and also the preparation for MCP-Live Show.

Since I my class ended early, so I just drive to Kepong to find my dear take lunch because really miss him lo. Then he bring me to one cafe (I don't know what is the name already), the ambience and the food is nice here. The visual of the food also nice. Haha XD. Since I am so full because already have milo in mamak with Jason, so I just order some drinks and appetizer only whereas my dear order their brand food which is Cheese chicken chop. Yummy...all the food are really nice and the price are reasonable lo.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Having fun with Ken, Jason and May @ Garden, Mid Valley

After finish pass up our Media Ethic Individual Assignment, which really make us so headache. So, me and friends wanna go somewhere else to relax abit. After the discussion, we plan go to redbox to sing K since we still have the voucher. Early morning, Ken come to meet me at my house and then May will come and fetch us there.

That bad Jason come late because he said Klang is jam everywhere, so we just go to book the 2pm room first and then we go to take lunch because we are so hungry already. Don't know which restaurant to go to, so I just decide go to Itallianies because I long time also never go to eat their pasta already. Yummy...it was so delicious somemore now got set lunch so it not so expensive.

At last, Jason already arrived and we just go to Redbox and start to sing le. Ken definitely wont sing one also don't know why. So 3 of us just playing fool inside the room. We love to sing S.H.E song and I always will be the Hebe because Jason said my soung is very similar to her. And everyone thought May will be the Selina but actually not. Jason will be the Selina and both of us girl also lose to him when come to higher pitch. Haha XD.

Anyway I really having fun for today. ^^

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrating Father's Day

Sorry that this post will be a expired post again. Because this few weeks really are crazy need to finish up my assignment and also mid term exam. I am so so tired.

This post is talking about Father's Day for this year. This year Father's Day definitely will be the most different one because previous celebration we just go out and makan-makan with my father. But this year, my aunty and uncle family will come and celebrating with us. It means that we are celebrating 3 fathers punya father's day. I think it definitely will be fun and excited.

So, 3 families just go to have a big and delicious meal and then we go to buy Father's Day cake. Yummy...the cake is nice.

What so sad about is that day really not much photos, anyway we manage to capture the 3 fathers of that day. Happy Father's Day!!!!

My big uncle, my daddy and my small uncl

Father's Day Cake

Friday, July 17, 2009

Small gathering with my secondary friend

This definitely will be an expired post again. =.=" because I was busy with my media ethic individual assignment that really driving me crazy. >.<

Jenny is going to Australia soon, so I hope to meet her a while before she flying to there at Sunday night. Today Alicia will come and fetch me while Jenny will come to meet us outside my house. Jenny suggest we go to Star Village @ Pandan Indah to have a try because it is a new restaurant.

Actually the restaurant is quite easy to find because it just near the Pandan Indah night market only. I will rate the food here for 3 stars. The most delicious food I feel are the cheese escargot and also the bread here. The chicken chop, salad and french fries is a bit tasteless. If the taste will be stronger then it definitely will be perfect.

The cheese escargot...yummy XD

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

Sizzling Salmon

Tempura Fish

Angeline, Jenny and Jasmin

Angeline, Jenny, Alicia and Jasmin

Angeline, Jenny, Jasmin and Alicia

We are inside the cave (haha...joking la)

Angeline and Jenny

Angeline and Jasmin

Angeline and Alicia